SEICA - SMT sistemi

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  • Seica Flying probe tester

    Flying probe tester

    Pilot  is the world's most versatile and complete line of automatic flying probe test systems, offering the widest range of solutions and performances for flying probe test of electronic...
  • Seica Bare bord tester

    Bare bord tester

    The RAPID  Testers Line is a complete test solution for the printed circuit board world wide market. The system offers; - High Speed - High Accuracy - User Friendly Graphical User Interface...
  • Seica Combi & in-cuircuit tests

    Combi & in-cuircuit tests

    The new  COMPACT Line   collects the inheritance and success of the historic line of SEICA in-circuit and functional testers, designed meeting the requirements of the so called...
  • Seica Functional test

    Functional test

    The Valid VIP (VIVA Integrated Platform) Series is the ultimate integrated functional test solution, capable of providing high-performance analog, digital and mixed-signal testing.
  • Seica Selective soldering system

    Selective soldering system

    Firefly  is the selective soldering solution that has been developed to satisfy the ever growing need of modern electronics manufacturing for maximum flexibility, and to address the...
  • Seica AOI


    With the ever growing request to maintain high quality at low costs, the OMRON  provides a solution which fully reflects these features. The models VT-WIN, VT-RNS and VT-RNS-PT provide in...

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