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  • DIMA Bonding systems


    DIMA Group offers Bonding  process equipment, desktop / stand-alone systems and customized projects for all your LCD-Flex-PCB applications! A wide variety of ACF laminating and Heat-Seal...
  • DIMA Dispensing systems

    Dispensing systems

    DIMA Group develops machines based on experience with production techniques and process knowledge. Developing modular systems that can be reconfigured for future needs, DIMA can offer machines...
  • DIMA Welding products

    Welding products

    DIMA Group offers a wide range of welding  solutions for a variety of applications. Resistance Welding, Laser Welding, Process equipment and Automatic welding systems.
  • DIMA SMT Systems

    SMT Systems

    DIMA Group develops SMT  machines based on more than 25 years experience with great production techniques and extensive process knowledge. All systems are of modular design and can be...
  • dima Soldering products

    Soldering products

    DIMA Group manufactures a range of Soldering equipment for various thermal processes, from process equipment to desktops systems and from semi/fully-automated to integrated systems. Techniques...

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