ABchimie has developed non-toxic, solvent-based conventional conformal coating as well as low VOC and UV coatings to meet the new EU requirements for solvent emissions that are imposed today.

ABchimie is very involved in these topics and proposes alternative "green". The AVR80 BA is a non-toxic acrylic lacquer for the environment and the users. This reference is already widely used in automotive, military and industrial circles. Their conformal coating can be qualified UL, IEC EN 61086, IPC ...

Concerning the new UV generations, we offer the ABchimie 526UV varnish, without VOC, which polymerizes using a UV mercury lamp. They already offer a conformal coating which polymerize under UV LED lamps (395 nanometers).

ABchimie owns a full range of different conformal coating depending on your application. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.

ABchimie conformal coating

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